Hi, I’m Ascher. Thanks for stopping by.

I grew up outdoors, spending hours creating miniature gardens in my own backyard with any leaves, sticks and rocks that I could find. I was obsessed with natural materials and the feeling they gave me. I soon realised that I’d be totally happy doing this on a much larger scale, creating beautiful spaces that others can enjoy.

For the past decade, I’ve successfully worked in all aspects of landscape design, styling and construction and have enjoyed watching my design concepts come to life. Over the years my role has slowly merged from being a Landscape Designer to now solely an Exterior Design Consultant. I spend my days meeting with clients and designing concepts for their exteriors all within a consultation session of a few hours.

With a lifetime of garden love, over a decade of award winning landscape design projects and a passion for all design, I can quickly visualise a stunning new garden for my clients to enjoy that perfectly suits their lifestyle.

If you’re ready to create your dream outdoor space, I would love to work with you! Check out my design consultation packages and book online – I can’t wait to meet you in the garden.