Exterior Design Consultation

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Exterior Landscape Consultations offer a unique opportunity to work with Ascher Smith to transform your outdoor space. The detailed collaborative session works with your wish list to create a stylish design concept for your preferred exterior area.

Perfect for renovations and garden revamps, the highly productive on-site consultations are designed to give you access to Ascher’s landscaping design expertise to create achievable exterior design solutions specifically for your space.  Watch your ideas take shape as Ascher refines your vision and visually represents your exterior style while creating a design concept you can work with.


Exterior Styling

Bringing the inside out to create a cohesive flow between your living spaces and enhance connection in your home through design principles and styling.

Ascher offers alfresco and interior styling that aligns the indoors to the exterior. Using your existing furniture and space, Ascher assists with layout and positioning of furniture, accessories and plant styling, and offers advice and guidance on additional styling that would suit your space.

By blending spaces Ascher creates harmony and aligns the entire home to ensure your styling carries through beautifully to each area.

Exterior 3D Landscape Design

Perfect for new builds or planning projects, our in-office 3D design consultations offer an intensive session with Ascher during which 3D computer rendered images are developed and an executed design concept is created.

During our consultations we share as much of our expert design and construction knowledge with you as possible, giving you the tools needed to move forward in your project. Aligning your lifestyle with bespoke exterior design is our expertise and we aim to offer a personalised service that delivers a custom solution to your landscaping needs.