The Ground Floor Renovations Begin

By May 8, 2014 No Comments

On the 14th September 2014, we had our house cleared of furniture and ready for the construction to start.

..Little did we know how much demolition had to take place first.

Our old shed was the first to go to make way for the new staircase. Our travertine paving was pulled up in both courtyards to make way for large concrete footings, along with garden bed walls knocked out and even some of our external house walls.

18th September 2014-Construction Begins

It seems so long ago already how excited we were when the builders sign went up out the front, as all it said to us was “THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING”

The next week, our internal ceilings were removed, and then the actual roof itself came out altogether. Although these things are explained to you prior to it happening, I don’t think you can ever quite prepare yourself for the reality check of standing in your home with no roof or walls , just looking up to the clear (thank god) blue skies above.