Front Entrance Renovation

By September 6, 2014 No Comments

Exterior Renovation-Front Entrance

Being a Landscape Designer and running a Landscaping company, the first part of our major overhaul was of course, the gardens. To be completely honest, we had no plan for what was about to just happened.

We knew the style of the space we wanted to live in and growing up in beautiful gardens perhaps started the initial inspiration of what was to come.

We began with the Arch…what to do with the Arch.

Once we had figured out what to do with the Arch, it began to pave the way for the rest of downstairs (pardon the punt!) We had decided to clad the brick entrance with Natural Limestone and cement actual limestone blocks within the brick arch to create a soft curve and a more ‘natural’ looking structure.

The Limestone soon began to make its way throughout the rest of the walls and garden beds, to become the essential canvas for our tuscan style courtyards to come!