Duke Street Greenwall

By September 5, 2014 No Comments

Exterior Renovation-Rusted Daisy Greenwall

As our courtyard was limited for garden bed space, we decided to create a ‘Greenwall’ as a feature in the courtyard and effectively bring more greenery into the area without losing space for entertaining.

The Greenwall was created by framing up the back brick wall with treated pine posts and waterproofing the wall behind with layers of black plastic and exterior cement sheeting panels.

The front section was clad in cement sheeting panels that we had already cut out a ‘Daisy’ flower pattern into for the planting areas. On the back of the cement sheeting panels, we had glued a high quality black weedmat material which effectively holds the soil and plants in place.

The cement sheeting panels were then painted in Porters Paints ‘Liquid Iron – Instant Rust’ specialty paint finish. The reaction between the 1st and 2nd coat create a rust effect that is then sealed once you have reached the desired effect of the rust reaction. Fro memory we gave it two coats and then left it for about 3 days to react. You do apply a final coat of sealer which prevents the rust from leaching into any paving. Here is the link to their website for more information on Porters Paints–instant-rust

The greenwall pockets were planted with an assortment species including Australian natives, succulents,ferns, herbs and bright annuals. I think at one stage we even had a chilli bush growing in there. It really demonstrates how well plants can live in harmony together!

As you can see, over time it flourished and became quite the feature it was supposed to be. Everyday this Rusted Daisy Greenwall has given us so much joy to admire, and best of all, it has become the most low maintenance and waterwise part of our entire garden!