The ‘Ascher Stool’

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Okay as bad as that sounds, that became the name of our custom designed Bar Stools that we got made all the way over in Montana USA.

It all started with our freshly renovated kitchen with custom built concrete bench top. There was a certain style of bar stool that I knew would look amazing with it…but it just did not seem to exist. I searched every furniture company in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, then looked at overseas Danish, American, Italian designer furniture websites and found nothing. Not even something that we ’kind-of’ liked. I then came across a website called CUSTOM MADE.

This is a website where consumers can put up a request for anything (and I mean anything) to do with beds, chairs, gifts, jewellery, toys, cabinetry artwork, boats etc etc and this company helps you find a variety of vet expert makers from all over Canada and the U.S that will contact you to help design and create your unique custom designed piece.

It was so easy to make contact, and then the whole process was very ‘user friendly’ I found. John sent us progress images throughout the whole process and we got to give him as much feedback on the product so it was exactly what we wanted.

It is daunting paying a lot of money for something you cant even have a ‘trial seating’ on.

A gentleman called John Bohman from Missoula, Montana, contacted me and seemed really interested in making the stool I had requested and so that is how it began…and 9 months later we received the most stunning, comfortable, perfectly built bar stools I have ever seen! No matter what anyone says, it was worth the wait, and the money spent.

Dovetail Furniture Company

1205 Defoe St Suite 1

Missoula, Montana