Plant Suggestion & Layout

  • $418  | 1 Week Turnaround

*Price includes GST

Our plant suggestion and layout service is a unique and affordable way to style your garden beds and garden spaces using Ascher and her design teams expertise and creative flair.

If you are looking for guidance and advice on plant selection and layout that is ideal for your gardens, this service is perfect for your needs.

W H A T   Y O U  G E T:

  • We will provide you with an interactive checklist where you can easily upload information we require.
  • You will receive a mood-board with plant suggestions and a basic layout that reflects your needs, preferences and style.

Consultation Terms & Conditions

* Please note, no 3D imagery or scale drawings are included in this service.
* Prices listed exclude GST.
* We aim for a 1 week turnaround, however, during busy periods this might be slightly extended.
* We can only get started on this service for clients once all information has been received (the 1 week turnaround starts from when all information is received)
* Pre-payment is required
* By booking a consultation, you are agreeing to our consultation terms and conditions.

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Our Process

To make the most of your consultation time, we have streamlined processes to ensure the focus is on providing our expert services that deliver results.

Our Exterior Design and Styling Consultations are booked online through our appointment app providing easy access to available appointments and reminder  notifications. We like to work collaboratively and utilise digital platforms for ease of communication to ensure our time with you is spent on creative design.

Following your consultation, delivery of the design notes will be emailed as a PDF with any additional information discussed at your meeting.

FAQs – click HERE

Consultation Terms & Conditions – click HERE


To get the most out of the service, we will ask you for the following information via an interactive checklist:

  • A3 Site Plan or 1:100 plan of the area that requires landscaping
  • Images or video of the areas that require landscaping
  • Detailed brief of what you would like to achieve
  • Inspo images.

Photographs are a great way to give us a sense of what you want to achieve. Magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens are a good source for this.

Online, Pinterest and Houzz are two of the best sources for landscape design inspiration. If you’re a pinner, prepare a Pinterest board to show on the day. (10 images as a maximum as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself before we even begin)


If you can come prepared with answers to these questions, it will help us create a design that fits your style, needs and budget.

Do you have any specific goals for your space?

Improving access in the front, creating an entertainment space in the back, screening neighbours etc.

Do you have a specific style in mind?

Mediterranean, native garden, contemporary, coastal etc. ??

If you aren’t sure how to answer this question, take some time to think about your personal style that you use (or would like to use) indoors – this can provide some insight for your landscape design.

Is there functionality you want to include?

Play area, barbecue island, vegetable garden, nature play etc.?

What is your budget?

This question is often hard to answer – if you’ve never renovated a landscape before, you may not know where to start.

New landscape installations range dramatically in price, so understanding your budget will help us provide better design advice. At a minimum, determine some budget parameters, such as less than $30,000, $25,000-$50,000, $100,000- $125,000 and so on.